Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You promised

Alain Neffe [be]
Arma [lt]
azoikum - stefan [de]
christophe mielle [fr]
steve clarkson [usa]
cold spring - Justin [uk]
daturaporno [ru]
dave mattingly [in]
Cris Deison [it]
dreamland_recordings - zac [au]
Droopy Septum [pa]
Dynamo Sound [pa]
Nick Hennies [tx]
Eduardo Pinto [ar]
François Haidon [be]
Richard Franecki [wi]
Little Fydor [co]
Itta [kr]
Miss Meat [it]
R. Stevie Moore [nj]
Quim [or]
Romanian Myth [ro]
Santo DiPiazza [it]
Josh Smith [usa]
Philip Smith [uk]

Sten Ove Toft [no]
schizbreak [hk]
Tampopo [fr] - patrick [ny]

Unkle Dave [no]
Vaatican Records [fr]
Viktor Pavel [de]
wiktor plusultra [pl]
Brian Williford [usa]
claude woodward [au]
xabierk [es]

zac dreamland [au]

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Contributors [material used]

I intend for this list to be a complete list of people who have sent me one minute wonders. Please write me if you have been inadvertantly left off this list.

Alphabetized by first name. US Postal abbreviations and Internet country suffixes are used. Where they overlap a dot is used for the foriegn country code [.ca]= Canada & [.mi] = Morocco [*=sent less than 15 tracks]

Aatmaa vs. Swamp Up Nostrils [ct/no]
Aatmaa [ct]
Aiden Baker [.ca]
Al Margolis [ny]
Ames Sanglantes [.ca]
Amy Denio [wa]
Andres Lewin-Richter [es]
Arable Farmland[il]*
Arthur Harrision [dc]
Arturas ßumsteinas [lt] *
Bai + Ian [cn]
Bertrand Denzler [fr]*
Big City Orchestra [ca]
Billy Catfish [oh]
Bret Hart [nc]
Brian Noring [ia]
Bruzgynai [lt] *
Bryan Day [ia]
Buzzsaw and The Shavings [ca]*
Casual Coincidence [be]
Cheap Machines [uk]
Chris P [fr]*
Chris Phinney [tn] (1st person to send 15 x 1 min. submissions!)
Claudio "Yituey" Chea [pr]
Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer [at]
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe [fr]
Dave Fuglewicz [ga]
Deleted [fr]
Dieson Cristiano [it]
Djenjer [.mi]
DJet [ru]
Don Campau [ca]
Doodleinacacoon [au]
Duo Inmortales [cl] *
Duriun [jp]
ECDM [es]
ememe [jp]
E Victor C [can]
Farmacia [ar]
Fenner Castner [ky]
Fever Spoor [nl]
Gelsomina [fi]
Gintas K [lt]
Golden Dead [nl]
Gruuthaagy [hr]
Guerroeterna [pr]
Hal McGee [fl]
Harlan Lyman [ch]
Haters [ca]
Hinyouki [es]
id m theft able [me]
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells [se]
J. Dippold [mo]
John Wiggins [ny]
Jorge Cabargas [cl] *
Jorge Castro [pr]
Jos Smolders [nl]
Kai Prager [de]*
Ken Clinger [pa]
Kirchenkampf [in]
Komafuzz ]wa]
Layer [be]
Lemniscata [mx]
Leo Alves Vieira {br]
Mangenerated [be]
Mark Hanley [oh]
Maurizio Bianci [it]
Mike Honeycutt [tn]
Mike Jackson [nc]
Miopec [cl]*
Miulew [se]
Mockart [de]
Monobrain Headhunter [nl]
Monopolka [ru]
Murmurists [uk]
Mr Ebu [de]
Music Mikey [no]
Napalmed [cz]
Nekros (Shaiful) [sg]
No Unauthorized [fr]
November [de]
Nova-Sak [co]
NXP [no]
o.m.s. - n.m.a. [be]
One Man Nation [sg] *
Onq + Marlo [it]
Outermost [jp]
Pablo Reche [ar]
Painful Leg Injuries [ny]
Pain Receptor [nj]
Papas Fritas [cl]
Patrick Parent [be]
PBK [mi]
Ray Carman [oh]*
Rinus van Alebeek [it]
Robothair [uk]
Ronny Waernes [no]
Screwtape [au]
Seiei Jack [jp]
Sergi Saldaña [no]
Simon Brown [.ca]
Single Jingle [de]
Smea [se]
Solmonoff and Von Hoffmanstahl [nj]
Stabat Mors [de]
Staplerfahrer [nl]
Steve Escott [uk]
Stolen Light [pa]
Surgical Mental Klinik [jp]
Suso Romarís [es]
Tanja Schlander [dk]
TheHorseHe'sSick [au]
ThrouRoof [it]
Tiziano Milani [it]
Tod durch Arbeit [at]
Tom Furgas [oh]
Tortured by Turtles [lt]
Torturing Nurse [cn]
Ultra Milkmaids [fr]
u n c l e j i m [uk]
Undecisive Gods [au]
Vidna Obmana [be]
Wilson Tsang [hk]
W.I.T. [au]
Witcyst [nz]
Xedh [es]
XV Parowek [pl]
Yann [hk]
Yan Jun [cn]
ZenLu [cn]
Zhou [cn] *
Zsolt Sores [hu]
Zurich/Zeromoon [dc]
Zwarre/Borft [se]*

15 x 1 min. : The Concept

Very soon after starting my cassette label ZIDSICK in 1984 to exchange original recordings with fellow hometapers worldwide I became obsessed with collaborations. I wanted not just to write and trade with people, but to collaborate with them. This documents friendships, expands the range of audio sources available to releases on my label and generates new relationships when I combine artists who are unfamiliar with each other. Importantly it provides me with creative challenges outside the possibilities I can provide for myself.

Fifteen years later with e-mail and the Internet at my fingertips a new world of international networking opened up to me. It was then that I formulated my "15 x 1 min." collaborative series. I realized after so many years of asking people to send me collaborative material I found it most difficult to work with long pieces and I had explored those options extensively already with hundreds of releases and collaborations. I remember, years ago, asking John Hudak specificly to send me short things to work with as his long pieces were not dynamic enough for my interests. What I got was awesome and a lot of fun to work with. Even farther back in 1984 I was asking people to send me 40 second pieces to work with. This was for Zanstones 7 - 40x40, a collection of forty pieces, each 40 seconds long.

It was in this spirit that I decided that I wanted people to send me one minute pieces... fifteen of them. The only creative guideline I suggest is that all fifteen pieces should sound different from each other. I'm not interested in a 15 minute piece cut up into one minute chunks in other words.

Nowadays I inquire with everyone I contact about contributing to the "15 x 1 min." series. It's all part of my mission here at ZH27: To explore new audio realms including outreach to fellow explorers worldwide. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project & this blog will strive to document this project.

Your pal in the Bluegrass State